Denmark Pavilion

Denmark Pavilion at CIIE

Danish Pavilion at CIIE in Shanghai

The China International Import Expo (CIIE) is China's largest import expo and a crucial gateway for international brands to enter and expand in the Chinese market.
Denmark establishes a large national pavilion at the CIIE (China International Import Expo) each year to promote Danish enterprises. The Danish Pavilion is organized by the Danish Embassy in China and the Danish Consulate in Shanghai. It is also co-hosted by the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), the Danish Trade Council, and Food Nation. Each year, more than 30 Danish companies participate in the CIIE. Mostly they showcase a range of products, including dairy, pork products, nutritional products, dietary supplements, and butter cookies.

In 2020, the Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai sought a Shanghai-based agency. They wanted to enhance the visibility of the Denmark Pavilion, Danish companies, and their offerings in the lead-up to and throughout the CIIE. Following a thorough assessment process, the Consulate selected iSpiderMedia for their promotional efforts.Marking the beginning of a partnership that has since extended over four years.

Our services included planning promotions strategically, coordinating and following up on media interviews, and creating engaging content like videos, short clips, press releases, and photographic news materials.


Exceeded Expectations
Achieved coverage by 400 media entities, including in-depth features by 13 prestigious organizations such as CCTV 2 Finance Channel, CGTN, Beijing Youth Daily, Liberation Daily, China News Service, Economic Daily, China Daily, Farmers’ Daily, Consumer Daily, China Food News, Mirror Magazine Hong Kong, Shanxi News Broadcast, among others.
Furthermore, our efforts were amplified by more than 400 leading online portals, news applications, and sector-specific websites.

Our strategies reached 240 million people, with at least 4.5 million reads, demonstrating their impactful reach.

Our strategic marketing efforts generated advertising worth RMB 2 million, showing the significant impact and value of our work.